Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Truth About at Least One Window Lit at Midnight

Do you ever pull into your driveway late one night when you normally wouldn't have been out at all and notice a neighbor's lights on at say, midnight? Do you ever wonder why on earth they are up that late (while simultaneously forgetting you are also still up)?

I do.  I'm a curious person. I just make stuff up in my head; silly stuff, stuff that is highly unlikely to be the real reason they are up. I'll decide they have hay that must be spun into golden thread by dawn and the only place they can do it is the kitchen because the spinning wheel won't fit anywhere else.  I'll dream up a midnight feast for fairies in return for continuing good health.  Maybe they only eat at night because they heard there are less calories then.  Perhaps they are sleep eating but they are also super good cooks and they always wake the whole house so everyone in the family just goes with it and eats when they cook at night.

Well, I know there's some perfectly reasonable explanation for it but I know it's not my business either. I really just make a habit of noticing it so I know when something unusual happens... just in case I need to call for help or anything.

The truth is, I'm one of those midnight light users. I am usually up then and seldom ever in bed before 1 AM. It just doesn't happen. My husband works a late shift and I like to wait up for him but I certainly can go to bed earlier if I like. He wouldn't really mind and he would get to bed earlier. No, I wait up for him because every dang night at about 9:30 or 10 o'clock, I get an idea.  It's a different idea every time and I've usually been stewing about it all day really. It's just that it gets to be too much to not act on about then. Usually, it involves dying something or sewing something although tonight it was pasta salad. Well ,and the pasta salad I only just thought of about 25 minutes ago. It was still a really good idea.

I'm a real loose cannon. Yup, a positive maverick. Never know what I'm gonna do next. Please.

It's really only one of three things at that hour; the computer, food, or crafts.  Pretty simple and not at all as fascinating as all the things you could be imagining I'm doing up at this hour.

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